Smart Apartment


This amazing feat is from the like of Graham Hill, the founder of treehugger.com where he packs 8 functional rooms in a 420-square-foot New York apartment. Not too crazy about the shiny, sterile look — I imagine there’s a lot of MDF going on underneath — but I love the concepts behind the sliding and folding orifices and the functionality they bestow.



Are you tired of living like a savage? Tired of wondering where your next meal will come from? Then why not try… civilization!

Good People


Take 5 minutes to watch this and I promise you it will lift your spirit up, and you will want to share it. Happy Sunday people!

Human Awesomeness


We, my friends, have a ton of awesome inside us. Some of us know this, most don’t. Either way, it’s fun to celebrate our innate awesomeness from time to time, makes us feel alive!

Education Births ADHD


I’ve always loved RSAnimate videos. They have beautiful artwork and at the same time they really tickle your logic. This one is special to me because it confirms my suspicion from years ago that ADHD is a made-up disease. Of course they have more valid points to discuss, so I’ll just let you see for yourself.

So you’re a boss, or a manager, or whatever. You want your peeps to work better. What do you do? Give them more money, right?

Think again!

I’ve always liked Will Smith. There’s something about his character that I feel connected with. I didn’t know what it was until I saw this video on Frank Kern’s blog. My favorite part is how fear motivates him, while fear usually stops people from doing things. When you have a dream, you have to protect it. Enjoy the video!

airplane toilet paper murder


Antidepressants don’t work


OK interesting facts about pantyhose and light bulbs and all. But used to build traction in this video, the main point is to show those of you who have been or are depressed that antidepressants don’t work. They simply “numb” the pain and not cure it. It’s all a conspiracy from drug companies and you should not fall for it. Exercise is better for you, and there’s no negative fall back.