december is time for…

Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 9:50 am

playstation 3

gaming baby!!

enter december 1st we got ourselves an 80gb piano black ps3.  i know, i know, it’s more of a “me” thing than vie, and i’ll probably hog the controller while she watches me play, most of the time.  but it’s still an uber cool early christmas present for us.  so far i’m only 6% into call of duty: world at war and 10% into burnout paradise, but i’m already itching to get more games.

on my wish list:

tombraider underworld

mirror’s edge

tekken vi (not released yet)

on vie’s wish list:

anything that resembles “cute” and doesn’t involve gore.  possible candidate: trine

all right it’s been years since i was last into gaming.  i’ve spent the last few years of my life struggling for financial stability all for the sake of gaming.  lol.  and now the day has come.  muhahahahhh!

if you have a ps3, add me up, my psn id is gunshadow.

i’m a samsung sucker

Sunday, October 28, 2007, 12:37 am

samsung syncmaster 931bw

there are three things i’m passionate about, hot girls, knowledge (because it’s power) and shiny black toys. this post is about the latter. i’m not sure if i ever mentioned getting frustrated with lestat (my macbook black) because it’s turning me into a crooked office chair slouch working on it everyday. well, i decided to get a samsung syncmaster 931bw and hook it up to lestat. why samsung? because in the world of shiny black toys samsung is the real ass kicker. and samsung doesn’t just make toys that shine, they make real good toys too. take this new syncmaster 931bw sitting on my desk for example, it has a dynamic 2000:1 contrast ratio enough to blind you if you stare at it too long, a 2ms response time so you don’t have to miss any frames when playing high paced games or watching those naughty movies on your screen, and a 160° viewing angle so you can share your naughty movies with your buddies. oh and it takes it two ways up the ass, both dvi and regular vga. sweet huh? not to mention that it’s 19″ wide with a 16:10 ratio so for the last time, it’s just perfect for those naughty movies. hehehh…

date bought: 10/4/2007
reason why i waited this long to say anything about it: procrastination
impression so far: motherfuckingawesomekewlness!!

canon powershot s3 is vs s5 is

Wednesday, May 23, 2007, 10:23 pm

i’ve been itching to take photos again and since i broke my ricoh caplio r3 a few months ago it looks like it’s time for a new camera purchase. i’m down to canon powershot s5 is but it won’t be available until july (and who knows when on my part of the planet) and the price is a bit steep (around $500). so i’m thinking about getting the s3 is instead (its older brother) which is only around $300 these days. i’m having doubts though. there are other cameras out there with cool features like sony dsc-h9 with its beautiful 3″ lcd and an infra red mode that lets you take photos in total darkness or the olympus sp-550uz with its whopping 18x optical zoom but what appeals to me the most from canon is the flip out and twist lcd that enables me to take shots from weird angles and even shoot myself.

so. i’m. confused.


any camera experts out there? help me out!

more blackness for jerm

Tuesday, May 15, 2007, 11:51 pm


this beauty packs 120gb of wrath and it comes in sleek black and usb 2.0 fastness. i got my entire life backed up to it now and it sits next to my macbook black like a loyal puppy. it’s got a cool blue led ring when it’s on and it fits in my pocket when i travel. friggin brilliant!

it’s a gift from vie and it’s the best gadget anyone ever gave me on my birthday. thx doll!

Health Hazard MacBook

Saturday, May 5, 2007, 5:18 pm

I like my laptop sleek and black with glowing ambience at the back. I like it light and thin I can hide it in my bag and take it places I go. I like how it sits strong on the desk and can last hours wire-free at the cafes. I like how girls steal glances when they pass and fantasize my 5 pound machinery. I like how it has a brain large enough to contest with the library of Alexandria. I like how it collects more tunes than Lollapalooza and plays flicks you don’t see on cable.

But. it. breaks. my. fucking. back.

Maybe I need one of these.


Apple’s New MacBook (JErm’s New Lust)

Thursday, May 18, 2006, 5:29 pm

Apple MacBook Black

I wrote about this on TechFresh the day it was launched but I held off posting it here so I could cool off my lust and am able to look at it own my own blog without orgasming too much.

Anyway the new hotness is called MacBook sans the “Pro”. It’s a lower end model compared to the MacBook Pro. Still it makes a very powerful machine with the new Intel Cored Duo processing chip and dual-channel DDR2. It also sports a much brighter screen, 13-inch glossy widescreen as opposed to the sad 12-inch normal screen of the previous iBook G4. It comes with a built-in iSight webcam, Bluetooth, the amazing SuperDrive, 802.11g Airport and a practical Apple Remote (so you can control your MacBook on your desk while you’re in the crapper). As far as software goes it’s packed with the latest Mac OS X Tiger 10.4, iLife ’06 and Front Row.

It’s one bad blogging machine if you ask me, and the black version is just beautiful. It costs about $100 more than the white version though, so maybe it’s made from black kryptonite or something. OK let me rob a bank or something so I can grab one.

Update: Some smart-ass in Japan thought it was cool to dissect a brand new MacBook.

MacBook Pro

Friday, January 13, 2006, 3:47 pm

As if Apple didn’t understand my financial struggle, they sent me this in the mail today:

MacBook Pro

The first Mac notebook to feature the powerful new Intel Core Duo processor, MacBook Pro answers all your portable dreams. Blazing fast, it delivers the biggest performance leap in mobile Mac history, offering up to 4 times the speed of the 15-inch PowerBook G4. And 8 times the graphics bandwidth.

A revolutionary new product, MacBook Pro also features a beautiful built-in display that’s 67% brighter than the one on the 15-inch PowerBook. It’s a noticeable improvement you’re sure to enjoy because MacBook Pro comes with a built-in iSight that lets you video conference wherever your new portable dream machine takes you.

Now my iBook seems like an old fussy girlfriend who doesn’t do anything cuz she’s fat and lazy. I don’t need this temptation.

12.1″ iBook G4

Friday, November 11, 2005, 12:59 pm

Enough lame suspense. I sold my Aspire 3002LCi laptop cuz it had weak battery life (1.5hrs) and it was too big and clunky to carry around.

I went to Jakarta last Tuesday to pick up a 12.1″ iBook G4. It just happened that the 512MB DDR I bought for my Acer was exactly the same type DDR the iBook has a slot for. So now I have an iBook (yeah baby) with 1GB RAM. It’s got durable polycarbonate body and magnesium frames and it’s looking sweet on my desk in its sexy white glory.

I took it to the beach with me (more on that later) and it survived 16hrs of bumpy rides. The batery lasts up to 6hrs and I can now work part time on free wifi at the malls.

I’ll post pictures of her later.

Laptop Backpack

Wednesday, September 21, 2005, 11:55 am

Case Logic NBP-3

I’m changing my mind, maybe I don’t need an iPod nano just yet, what I really need is a kickass backpack for my laptop.

While the Mobile Edge Premium Backpacks below are exceptionally nice, the $79.99 price tag is a bit much for me. The Case Logic NBP-3 (see right) on the other hand is cheaper and it’s available here.

Mobile Edge Premium Backpacks

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

First Impression – Acer Aspire 3002LCi

Monday, September 19, 2005, 9:41 pm

Ok I’ve been busy setting myself up with the new laptop. You would think it’s a ready and go out of the package, but if you’re me you gotta reinstall from scratch, then setup Apache, PHP and MySQL for offline testing environment, then install WinDVD, GoogleTalk, Picasa, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc etc.. it goes on forever. So, after a about 4-5hrs I’m now done setting up the bugger. Yeah I know it’s been downgraded from “baby” to “bugger” but it’s still an amazing mean machine and I’m loving it. Everything is great, it’s even a little better (performance-wise and design-wise) than what I expected in the beginning. The only problem I see imediately is that the partitions were setup a little weird, with about 3GB of space wasted in a hidden partition called PQSERVICE. I have yet to find out what it is. If you know about this please fill me in. I’d just delete it and reinstall from scratch again but I’ll give this a few weeks of heavy load work before I do that. Norton just hit me (a second ago) with an unfixable MBR virus warning. The laptop is brand new!! WTF?!! I reformatted it a few hours ago. Anyway, I’ll dig into that later. I’ll post pics later tomorrow. So far so good besides the minor bugs.

Update (9/20/2005): PQSERVICE turns out to be Acer’s recovery partition to reset the laptop to factory state, but since Acer provided recovery CDs with the package, the partition is redundant and can be removed if you need to reclaim the wasted space.



The only problem left is that Acer’s default recovery image comes with Windows XP formatted in FAT32, which is lame. So if I wanted to have Windows XP with an NTFS partition I need to grab a new copy of Windows, which means more money to the devil’s company! :evil: