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Solar Therapy


One of the best things of living in Bali are their spectacular sunsets. No Photoshop.

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Bali Sunset


Bali has awesome sunsets, and this is one of them. I was sitting at this beach cafe with friends and before I knew it it was dusk and this was right in front of me. Took this with my iPhone so quality is a bit crappy, but doesn’t stop this from being spectacular.

Had lunch downtown today and this was what I had to drink, freshly squeezed orange juice.

Serangan Sunset

This shot was taken yesterday but I like it so much I figured I’d post it here too as a bonus.

Serangan Harbor

This is a shot of the Serangan harbor. The view was amazing but you really had to be there. My Nikon D90 simply wasn’t able to capture all the wonderful range of exposures so I had to pull this into Photoshop and did some selective exposure adjustments. I hope the result is not too much.