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My date for the night

Monday, July 8, 2013, 10:48 pm

Alone but not lonely. Killer combo.


the world i live in has become a vacuum for my mind. be it my computer monitor, my lcd tv, or the iphone screen, almost my entire waking hours have been pulled into the screen. even when i sleep i picture a screen in front of me where my dreams are in play. if you’ve seen wall-e where the fat humans communicate with one another through screens attached to their hover-chairs then you know what i mean.

except i’m not fat.

so i guess there’s hope for me. at least i’d like to think so when i step out there and lie on the beach, or drive my anger into punching bags at the dojo, or down some beers with the little friends i have here. it’s the simple things in life that make us alive.

now for the rest of us…

are we seriously letting our entire being turn into digital bits of data that can be copied, altered and even erased by others? what happened to the substance of our being, what happened to our tangible lives?

self-promotion is obsolete

Monday, February 16, 2009, 12:13 pm

self promotion

enter public relations.

unlike self-promotion, in which you have to talk about yourself, public relations leave all the talking to someone else.  when you shut up about you and let others talk about you, you’re allowing your personal brand to come to birth.

but how do you get people to talk about you?  do something genius, or..  do something stupid.  mock a celebrity, or outsmart a president.  i honestly don’t know.  i’m still experimenting myself.  i have blogs i need to promote, but all these years i’ve been promoting them as me.  instead i should get other people to promote my blogs for me.  maybe my readers?

so the question is, how do you create a hype that people will talk about?  how do you make it so interesting that when people talk about it people who hear about it will go on and talk about it too?


solve a problem.  that’s a great start.  everybody wants a solution to a problem.  and everybody has too many problems to solve.  so if you come up with a nice and easy solution, believe me, people will wait in line to hear it.

which brings me to my next question.  what’s your problem?

inspired by neil.

when google gives you a lemon

Monday, January 26, 2009, 3:36 pm


maybe i’m not being reasonable right now but i’m pretty pissed at the fact that techfresh.net‘s pr dropped from 5 to 3 overnight.  i’m not really sure what happened but i speculate there was a ddos attack around the time google performed another routine dance.  this would make techfresh.net disappear for a while and that’s probably why google dropped the pr, assuming it’s no longer good to go.  anyway, i have my suspicions but i guess pissing off wouldn’t do me much good.

this has however put me in check.

i realize now that it hasn’t been wise at all for me to rely on just search engine traffic all along.  that i should start doing some guerrilla marketing and start rebuilding traffic by other creative means.  it also made me realize how fragile and transient anything in life is.  how it could all be taken away from you just like that and you’ll go from rich to poor, from healthy as a horse to dead in a split second.  it simply reminds me not to take anything in life for granted, no matter how small or how big it is.

i’m just thankful that traffic hasn’t all been affected that much.  and i’m thankful that despite what great problems maybe coming my way, i still have my feet on the ground and my arms around the person i love the most.

if you have any ideas on how to survive pr drops and/or how to build blog traffic by natural means, please do share.

laziness is the assassin of genius

Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 9:38 pm

i was talking to a friend about a certain individual in my past life and the quote popped in my head:

laziness is the assassin of genius

which when i think about it is very true about all of us.  believe it or not i believe we each were given our own “genius” but most of us are too lazy to realize them or even do anything about it.

so if you want to do great things in life, work hard for it.