how to upgrade to iphone os 3.0 7a341 safe and sound

Thursday, June 11, 2009, 4:16 pm

iphone os 3.0 7a341

this post documents my attempt(s) in upgrading my iphone 3g 2.2.1 to the leaked iphone os 3.0 7a341. why the leaked version? because i’m too impatient to wait for the official release on june 17th.

first i read this article on gizmodo:


i got excited and i went hunting for the torrent, which i found here:


(fyi my iphone 3g is jailbroken)

moving on..

first open itunes and plug your iphone to your computer. under summary option+click restore and choose the iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw that you downloaded from the torrent. hit ok and the iphone will restore / upgrade.

ok my first two attempts failed. no need to panic. take a deep breath (or take a panadol) and think.

possible causes:

1. my iphone was jailbroken so there were some incompatible files lurking around

2. i forgot to upgrade to itunes 8.2 *doh*

back to business…

4:40pm – i restored my iphone to factory default so i have a brand new iphone. now downloading itunes 8.2

4:50pm – installing itunes 8.2

4:54pm – itunes installed, restoring from downloaded ipsw file again *fingers crossed*

4:55pm – restoring iphone software…

4:57pm – verifying iphone software… (this is where it failed before.. TWICE!! so i’m praying on my knees as i type this)

5:00pm – restoring iphone firmware (good sign, right right?)

5:03pm – “your iphone has been restored to factory settings.. blah blah blah” – yippee!! *wipessweatoffmyforehead*

5:04pm – iphone rebooted, unlocked my sim pin, and it pops up on itunes

5:05pm – restoring iphone from backup (iphone shows “restore in progress”)

5:06pm – restore completed, iphone restarting again

5:08pm – iphone is syncing, restoring my apps, music, videos, contacts, etc.

i will conclude this here since the sync will take quite a while. everything seems normal and besides the failures in my original attempts the entire process was pretty easy and straightforward. so if you’re a little bit adventurous and you don’t mind missing your cracked apps until an official jailbreak is released, i got your back!

more resources:



how to speed up leopard boot up time

Friday, April 24, 2009, 6:16 pm


after many months of use any normal computer would tend to bog down and become very sluggish. not macs right? wrong! well my leopard install is now sitting on a 500gb hd and i tell you it is slooooow!!

so in search of solutions on speeding up my macbook (and also the annoying 2 minute boot up time), i found this link: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5859407&tstart=0

in a nutshell:

1. in home directory/library/cache… put this folder in trash and then reboot and then empty the trash

2. reset the pram, begin to restart and when the screen goes black just before is restart, press apple/option/p/r all together, wait for the machine to bong twice and let go.

this helped the startup time and the generally speed of the system. in my case it cut down boot up time by about 30 seconds. not too bad.

but i also want to speed up the overall performance of my mac. so i did two additional steps:

1. in system preferences, go to accounts and find the login items tab. delete anything you don’t need.

2. defrag your harddisk. yes macs don’t need to be defragged yadi yadi yada but in reality files bigger than 20mb aren’t automatically “managed” so they can fragment and bog up your system. i use idefrag for this but you can find whatever works for you.

3. clean up your desktop. the more icons you have the heavier your system will be. also on the desktop hit command+j and turn off show icon preview.

that’s it. hopefully by the time you finish all these your mac can fly again.

if you got more tips post them in the comments!

mactablet concept

Monday, May 14, 2007, 6:09 pm

mactablet concept

now this is what i call sleek. not sure if it’s real or not but if it is then apple has done it again.

designed by yann le coroller, the mactablet concept comes jam packed with a detachable keyboard that doubles as a protective cover. there is no word yet on the release date.

from techfresh