Quantum Reiki

Reiki Vibrations

Quantum Reiki invokes healing at the quantum level, in order to thoroughly heal all aspects of the person.

The principal of health is within you. There is nothing more that I can do for you but to activate this principle of health that is already within you. Through reiki and meditation, I work on healing at the quantum level, in order to directly touch on the energetic source of life.

I only practice by intuition, and only when someone genuinely seeks true inner healing. I myself am just a man, with my own limitations. I do not have a clinic and I do not particularly advertise my service. Treatment is limited to my time availability, and I usually would sense the need when it compels me to fulfill it. Either way, if you feel that you are withdrawn to this way of healing and would like to make an appointment, please use my contact form to reach me. I do not seek payment, but I do accept donations if you are impelled. However, it is not mandatory.

Once you begin to heal, you will not need me, anyone, or anything but yourself to continue to heal. It is as simple as reaching inside to your inner power, which will enable you to heal yourself. Your only task is to open yourself to receive it.