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Lonely Boy


When we don’t play with him, he just lies there dead, lonely.

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Breakfast with good friends


Good friends are hard to come by. I am lucky to have had breakfast with three today.

Yes yes sometimes I miss Winblows. No I’m kidding. I needed it for testing purposes. I swear.

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Just a day on the beach, awaiting the sea god to make his appearance.

Dare you step through the graveyards you will find yourself embraced by the warm sands of Kuta beach.

More like the city I called home, seen from the skies.

One of the best things of living in Bali are their spectacular sunsets. No Photoshop.

Hard to believe this is Bali, but it is, in my past life.

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That’s my number all right


One ofs, not the. Go figure.

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Know Your Woman


A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul, her lowest calling is to seduce, separating man from soul, and leave him aimlessly wandering.

~Cherokee Wisdom