Bitcoin Nodes Counter // Tracking Bitcoin Nodes Since 2016

Bitcoin. Something I haven’t nearly mentioned on my blog since I barely started blogging again last week, but definitely something that has been dear to my heart for the past 2 years. It is the currency of liberation, and it is the currency I hold, use and trade in these days. I can’t quite pay for my meals with it yet where I live, but I comfortably pay for my hosting and online bills with it, with pride.

Bitcoin nodes. What are they? You can read this full explanation on Coindesk but in a nutshell, in my own words, they are basically each point of connection of the entire Bitcoin network, which simply translates to our single terminals (computers) running the full Bitcoin software. Each node functions as points of validation for transactions and blocks. Each node is also a full copy of the entire Bitcoin bank, if you can wrap that idea around your head.

Bitcoin nodes are very critical to the survival and sustainability of Bitcoin, and this site I found today, tracks all the active Bitcoin nodes out there, including my computer – and yours, hopefully 🙂 It’s a very simple website but it represents very rich data. You can also see how many nodes runs which flavor of Bitcoin, either Core, Classic, XT or Unlimited.

New to Bitcoin?

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