Navelo Dot Com

Thursday, November 25, 2004, 10:13 am

A dude friend of mine who is a PHP coder asked me two days ago how I ranked up #1 in Google for the keyword JErm. I told him I was the JErm!! :D

He then wondered how I got a PR5 and how search terms like 3dsmax5 or hentai tentacles would put me up on page 1 of the results.

He was continuously feeding my ego.

Then he asked how he could get up there for his domain keyword, navelo. Right now if you search navelo, his CMS Class listed on phpclasses.org would come up first, but his domain navelo.com is deeply burried within the results.

That pisses him off!

This post, supposedly, would give me a page 1 Google listing for the keyword navelo, thus fulfilling my attempt to drive him nutster! :-P

But I’ll be nice and credit the guy, so here’s his website: navelo.com