The Martial Art That Gave Birth To Kung Fu

Despite a longstanding ban under British rule, the secrets of the ancient fighting style of kalaripayattu have been passed down by masters who are leading a revival of the form.

Posted by Digg on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kalaripayattu // The Origin of All Martial Arts

I picked up martial arts a few years ago as a way to discipline myself and attain some sort of self control. I’m no great MMA fighter or anything today but I have somewhat succeeded in facing my own rages, with less and less casualty over time. In the past few years my martial arts roadmap has been the following: street fighting (teenage years) » Aikido » Japanese Jiu Jitsu » Krav Maga » Brazilian Jiu Jitsu » Wing Chun » Tai Chi » Systema. Now I thought I was done when I found Systema. By done I don’t mean done practicing, but done searching for the ultimate art. But today I found Kalaripayattu and although I haven’t taken the time to verify if yet, it does look somewhat more primal and natural, and it does trigger something in me to start searching again.

Let’s see where this takes me next, in the mean time enjoy the video and leave comments below if you’re also a fellow seeker of the arts.

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