How to cheer up a sad girl

How To Care For A Sad Person

Hello, my name is JErm and I have a confession. I am depressed. Wait, let me correct that. Part of my being, namely my mind at most, regularly suffers from depression. It’s been lingering there at every corner of my life since as long as I can remember.

But don’t worry this isn’t a depressing post about a depressed blogger talking about being depressed. This post is actually meant to help and encourage those who suffer through depression, or for those who have someone who does. As I have managed to repeatedly pull myself out of depression as of late, with increasing successes, I have data to share that may be of use to you.

The good news is, there is hope, and it’s rather simple. I know well firsthand so please give this some thought.

Depression is, basically in my own understanding through my own experiences, simply a cry for attention. When one lacks the ability to care for oneself and give oneself the attention that one needs, he/she could very easily slip into depression. It’s not something that we need to battle, instead it’s something for us to leave and let be. Just like anything in life, both sadness and depression pass, and they always do.

So, how do we help a depressed person?

First and foremost, give him/her a Bitcoin. No just kidding, but a Bitcoin does help cheer up a person.

What I meant was, give him/her attention.

That’s it.

That simple.

Attention is what a sad person often (but not always) need the most. So if you give it at a proper dose, it will do wonders. Now not too much as to disable that person from being independent, but just enough to make him/her feel better for a while. Baby steps, then allow that person space to learn to give him/herself the attention that he/she needs in the first place.

Not sure how to give attention? Let this cute little Japanese cartoon show you:

How To Care For A Sad Person

Via 9GAG

Need more ideas? Here are more ways on how to cheer up a sad person.


  • Blastafuzix March 18, 2016 Reply

    Depression affects millions and at times is not taken seriously by others. Thanks for sharing your own trials and the images are sweet and funny. I think it will make a depressed person smile 😀

    • JErm March 19, 2016 Reply

      I remember reading somewhere that a big percentage of modern humans are depressed. They just don’t know they are. It’s almost like cancer, when you find out it’s often too late.

      • Blastafuzix March 19, 2016 Reply

        That is a great analogy. More people should be aware of depression symptoms so they can analyze themselves or their friends/family to offer help.

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