About JErm

Birth Name :  Jeremiah
Species :  Human
Current Base :  Bali
Element :  Fire
Color :  Green

JErm’s Biography

Hi and welcome to my mind, in digits and bytes manifest, unadulterated and unencrypted for the masses.

My name is JErm and this here is my portal, where I showcase some of my work and what interest me, and also findings from the interwebs that I deem worthy.

On one side I am just a simple guy living in Bali, experimenting and having fun with life. I value the peace, serenity and slowness of pace that Bali life allows me. I practice quantum reiki and martial arts in my free time, as a form of energy cultivation and self expression.

On the other side I am also a web geek. I run and own Bali SEO Service, a tech blog and Bali Property Index. I also trade Forex and Bitcoin along with its various flavors of cryptocurrencies when I feel like it.

I drink a sizable amount of natural teas that I either make myself or acquire from various obscure sources. I also drink a moderate amount of fire water, of which my favorite is single malt whiskey.

I hope you enjoy the irregularity, and welcome to another perspective.

The absence of sanity is the beginning of creativity  ~JErm circa 2000

JErm’s Skills

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JErm's Friends

These are a few of my beloved long-time online friends, that have much contributed to my online existence since the birth of this blog back in 2000.
Dodo @ Pure Essence
Ivy Tan [Blog]
Jeremy Grant – Sacramento SEO Expert
Steven Glieve