Sacramento SEO Company

Making A Killing with Sacramento SEO Company

Doing SEO as a living is a noble profession. You help yourself while helping others get what they want, by ranking them high on the SERPs. Search engine optimization to search engine marketing is like wooing a beautiful girl in order to court her as opposed to renting the company of a female escort. One 

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How to cheer up a sad girl

How To Care For A Sad Person

Hello, my name is JErm and I have a confession. I am depressed. Wait, let me correct that. Part of my being, namely my mind at most, regularly suffers from depression. It’s been lingering there at every corner of my life since as long as I can remember. But don’t worry this isn’t a depressing 

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How the Multiverse Works

The multiverse. What the frack is that? Until now, we can barely wrap our minds around the idea of our universe, and now we’re talking about the multiverse? Get this. Our planet earth is part of a star system, or solar system, which in turn is part of a galaxy, which is a part of 

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The Martial Art That Gave Birth To Kung Fu

Despite a longstanding ban under British rule, the secrets of the ancient fighting style of kalaripayattu have been passed down by masters who are leading a revival of the form.

Posted by Digg on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kalaripayattu // The Origin of All Martial Arts

I picked up martial arts a few years ago as a way to discipline myself and attain some sort of self control. I’m no great MMA fighter or anything today but I have somewhat succeeded in facing my own rages, with less and less casualty over time. In the past few years my martial arts 

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JErm - nosce te ipsum

Not the Only JErm

I used to be pretty much one of the few if not the only JErm online. But today as you can see per a simple Google search, there are many Jerms out there. So in order to avoid further confusion of which JErm is which, and what each JErm does or doesn’t do, I have 

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